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         30x12  $74.95                                                                      24x12  $69.95                                                                       20x10    $59.95


Marineland® offers three sizes of the LED Aquarium Hoods, which fit most manufacturers’ aquariums on the market today. The LED Aquarium Light snaps into the sleek, contemporary aquarium hood, and is protected by a clear lens that is removable for cleaning. 

Each LED Aquarium Hood comes with at least two sets of frame clips that allow the hood to be attached to the aquarium frame. The frame clips provide easy access to the aquarium while feeding or performing maintenance. 

The Marineland LED Aquarium Hoods are easy to setup, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. The feeding door at the front of the hood is removable to provide easy access to the aquarium for feeding. If left in, lift the hood to feed. There is ample space toward the back of the hood for accessories such as heaters and airline tubing. Using a larger filter? Cut out the marked filter panel on the back of the hood to fit. 


Marineland Double Bright LED Aquarium Lights

Marineland LED Aquarium Lights have a double bright row of 6K LED Daylight bulbs and a single center row of 60mw Blue LED's. This has a similar light intensity of a twin tube strip light but uses less energy. Marineland LED Double Bright Lights are good for Fish Only marine tanks or Freshwater low light planted tanks (crypts, anubis, java fern etc). It could also be an excellent light for a refugium system but is not intended as a reef lighting system. The LEDs provide better color rendering, and the natural shimmer effect is likes ones found in much more expensive halide light systems. Each LED is rated one watt and produces 80 lumens of output. There are three LED aquarium light models: an 18"L with 9 LEDs, a 24"L with 12 LEDs, a 36"L with 24 LEDs and a 48"L with 36 LEDs. This LED fixture has a very low profile design, about 3/4" Tall and 5" Wide. Both ends of the light have extendable wire leg supports that allow the three fixtures to expand to fit 24", 36", 48" and 60"L tanks, respectively. The legs can also be totally removed so the light can be placed directly on a glass canopy for an even lower profile. This double bright LED light has a single power cord and a single switch that allows either ALL LEDs ON, just the ACTINIC LEDs ON (for simulated moonlight), or OFF. The LEDs are designed to last 17,000 hours to the point where they are 70% as bright as they were when turned on for the first time. Under normal operation, this means over 5 years of lighting your tank before the light should be replaced, saving replacement cost for bulbs of around $340.


Size Expands to White LEDs Blue LEDs Total Watts Lumens
18" 24" 6 3 10 450
24" 36" 8 4 12.5 600
36" 48" 16 8 23.5 1200
48" 60" 24 12 35 1800
Description   Item Number Price  
18" (expands to 24")
24" (expands to 36")
36" (expands to 48")
48" (expands to 60")



 Perfecto Traditional Fluorecent Lighted Hood


Perfecto Recessed Full Hoods are designed to fit securely into the frame of Perfecto aquariums. The front access panel runs the entire length of the hood for daily maintenance and feeding. Textured surface won't show fingerprints. Replaceable rear plastic back strip may be cut to fit heaters, filters, and other accessories. Glass shield insert protects electrical parts from moisture and corrosion. Features: Provides light essential for live plants and enhances the color of fish. Instant start means fixture can be put on timer. Full sturdy base with White reflector for more light in aquarium. Hood comes fully assembled. Safe-glass shield protects electrical parts. Bulb included in Fluorescent hoods. No-Drip Feature added to front door.

10 Gallon - (15W - 18 Inch bulb - 20 InchL x 10 InchW x 3 InchH),


15 & 20H Gallons - (15W - 18 Inch bulb - 24 InchL x 12 InchW x 3 InchH), 


20 Long & 29 Gallon - (18W - 24 Inch bulb - 30 InchL x 12 InchW x 3 InchH), 


30 & 40 High Gallon - (18W - 24 Inch bulb - 36 InchL x 13 InchW x 3 InchH), 


55 & 60 Gallon - (32W - 48 Inch bulb - 48 InchL x 13 InchW x 3 InchH). $139