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Zoo Med ReptiTemp



Zoo Med has just released a great new product that will help anyone who keeps reptiles and amphibians. The new REPTITEMP® Digital Infrared Thermometer is a small pocket sized Infrared Thermometer that instantly measures terrarium temperatures with the click of a button. This great new tool will allow keepers to monitor thermal gradients, basking sites, shelters, incubation and hibernation temperatures and more. REPTITEMP® Digital Thermometer can be set to read temperatures in both Fahrenheit (-28° to 230°F) or Celsius (-33° to 110°C). There is a Min/Max function that allows you to monitor the fluctuations in your terrarium over time. Battery included.

    Instantly Measures Terrarium Temperatures

  • Great for Monitoring Basking Areas, Thermal Gradients, Incubation, and Hibernation Temperatures.
  • Temperature measurement Range -28° to 230°F (-33° to 110°C)
  • Min/Max Function
  • °C/°F Switch
  • Includes one CR2032 Lithium cell battery



Zoo Med Thermometer / Humidity Gauge


  • Allows precise monitoring of both the temperature and humidity of your terrarium from one unit.
  • Temperature and humidity levels are extremely important to the long term heath of your animals.
  • Velcro® backing enables easy removal for cleaning or relocation.



Zoo Med Habitat Heater

ReptiTherm Habitat Heater Instructions



Industrial Strength Heater for Heavy Tortoises and other Large Reptile Cage Applications.

  • 120 Volt, 40 watt heater with LED light totell you when the heater is "on".
  • Automatic thermostat protection shuts-offheater at 119°F (48°C) to preventoverheating.
  • Water-resistant construction. Made from easy-toclean moisture-proof high density polyethylene plastic.
  • Metal protection on power cord to help prevent damage from tortoises and other animals.
  • Mounting rails molded into heater allow for secure placement on the floor or side of the enclosure.
  • 75 to 80% electrical savings over other heating devices


Zoo Med Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamps

24-hour heat source doubles as a nocturnal reptile viewing light. Zoo Med Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamp for Reptiles provides a 24-hour heat source while emitting a subdued red glow. Quality lamp employs true red glass that is not painted or coated. Provides just enough visible light for nocturnal viewing of all types of captive animals without disturbing their sleep pattern. Ideal 24-hour heat source for all types of reptiles, amphibians, birds or small animals





Zoo Med Reptile Basking Spot Lamps

A clear basking spot bulb that lets reptiles regulate their own temperature by accessing the light and heat of the "sun." Double reflector provides vital UVA for better activity, health, feeding, and breeding. The lamp's tighter beam creates a more effective basking site than ordinary reflector bulbs. It also increases overall air temperature inside your reptile's terrarium and creates the proper heat gradients necessary for thermoregulation. Perfect for use with high heat basking reptiles, such as tropical and desert species. Patented double reflector focuses 35% more light/heat in the beam than other reflector bulbs. Provides beneficial UVA rays important for reptile and amphibian health. Especially helpful for tropical and desert species like iguanas and bearded dragons




Zoo Med Under Tank Heater

ReptiTherm® U.T.H. Under Tank Heaters are an ideal 24 hour primary or secondary heat source for tropical or temperate reptilian species. All of Zoo Meds Under Tank Heaters are UL/cUL approved (GS/TuV/CE in Europe) and contain a solid state nichrome heating element. These under tank heaters permanently adhere to your terrarium, forming a solid bond for optimum heat transfer.

Additional Information:
  • Inexpensive, low wattage heaters.
  • Excellent secondary heat source.


    Item Number: RH-4
    Size: SM
    Dimension: 6" x 8" (15x20cm)
    Wattage: 8
    Gal Size/Color: 10-20
    Item Number: RH-5
    Size: MED
    Dimension: 8" x 12" (20x30cm)
    Wattage: 16
    Gal Size/Color: 30-40
    Item Number: RH-6
    Size: LG
    Dimension: 8" x 18" (20x45cm)
    Wattage: 24
    Gal Size/Color: 50-60
    Item Number: RH-7
    Size: Mini
    Dimension: 4" x 5" (10x13cm)
    Wattage: 4
    Gal Size/Color: 1-5
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  • Zoo Med Ceramic Heat Emitter





    ReptiCare® Ceramic Heat Emitters are the perfect 24 hour heat source for all reptiles.

    These porcelain heating devices screw into a standard porcelain incandescent socket, giving off intense "muscle-penetrating" infrared heat, while emitting no light.

    The flat-faced design is more efficient and longer lasting than conical designs which build up excess heat internally, ultimately carbonizing the element.


    Additional Information:

  • Last up to 5 years

  • Perfect for high humidity terrariums

  • UL/cUL classified when used in conjunction with Zoo Meds Wire Cage Clamp Lamp (LF-10).

  • ceramicheat.pdf instructions

    Item Number: CE-60
    Wattage: 60W
    Gal Size/Color: 10-20 Gal
    Item Number: CE-100
    Wattage: 100W
    Gal Size/Color: 30-40 Gal
    Item Number: CE-150
    Wattage: 150W
    Gal Size/Color: 50-100 Gal
    Item Number: CE-250
    Wattage: 250W
    Gal Size/Color: Breeder


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    Wire Clamp Lamp For Emitters





    This ceramic base Clamp Lamp fixture is ideal for use with all types of incandescent lamps or Ceramic Heat Emitters. This Clamp Lamp fixture has a heat-resistant porcelain socket that handles up to 150 watts. The wire guard is safer than an aluminum reflector because it prevents unnecessary heat build up and possible hand burns. The only Zoo Med Clamp Lamp fixture that is U.L. approved when used in conjunction with Zoo Meds Ceramic Heat Emitter.



    Rock Heater with Thermostat

    Zoo Meds Repticare® Rock Heaters are made of a hydrated rock material that is twice as strong as cement or pumice, resulting in excellent conductivity and increased product longevity. Hot spots are not a problem with a completely encapsulated full coverage nichrome heating element that distributes heat evenly. Zoo Meds Deluxe Repticare® Rock Heater features a rheostat control allowing you the ability to adjust the surface temperature.






    Additional Information:

    Please Note:

  • A rock heaters function is to facilitate digestion.
  • A rock heater should never be the sole source of heat.
  • Never cover or bury the rock heater with anything.
  • If your reptile never leaves the rock heater then your terrarium is too cold and you need an additional heat source. (i.e. Ceramic Heat Emitter or ReptiTherm®UTH Heater).

    Zoo Med rock heaters are cUL/CSA/T1/2V approved